Teaching World Languages (Spanish, French, and German) B.A.A.

Teaching World Languages (Spanish, French, and German) B.A.A.

Program Type: Major
Degree: Bachelor of Applied Arts
Department: Education

Learning a second language opens up a world of possibilities. Become fully immersed in a second language through coursework, volunteering and study abroad, then pass on your knowledge and enthusiasm to young people. Choose French, German or Spanish, and become eligible for licensure in K-12 World Languages and Cultures.

  • Graduates will be eligible for licensure in World Languages & Culture Grades K -12.
  • Field-based program with many weeks of opportunities to be immersed in multiple classrooms.
  • Opportunity to study and/or student teach abroad (8 weeks in MN and 8 weeks in either Ireland or Slovenia).
  • STEP candidates classroom hours:
    • Block 1 = 60 hours
    • Block 2 = 60 hours
    • Block 3, student teaching 16 weeks = 640 hrs.
    • Grand total of 760 hours in the classroom.

Acquired Skills

  • Design and teach effective lessons.
  • Create instruction opportunities that are adapted to students with diverse backgrounds and exceptionalities.
  • Be engaged through active learning.

Career Possibilities

Entry level positions include elementary, middle or high school teacher, translator, interpreter.  Advanced degree positions include Dean of Students, Principal, School Counselor, Superintendent.

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Admissions and Scholarships

Students in CEHSP are eligible to apply for more than 100 scholarships each academic year typically totaling $120,000 annually.  For more information on scholarship opportunities, visit our scholarship webpage (https://z.umn.edu/scholarshipcehsp).

UMD's Education Department has over 25 scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Scholarships vary in criteria and some are specifically for subject areas or students entering student teaching in the US or starting their student teaching abroad.

Student Clubs

Faculty Highlights

Faculty have won campus & college awards for outstanding teaching, research, advising and service. They are dedicated teachers, academic advisors, scholarly researchers and curriculum designers.

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