Psychological Science M.A.

Psychological Science M.A.

Program Type: Major
Degree: Master of Arts
Department: Psychology

The MAPS Program's small classes and applied experiences will prepare you for your career in the psychology field. In your courses, you'll develop research-based knowledge and skills. MAPS is a full-time program with three integrated tracks: Clinical-Counseling, Industrial-Organizational, and Experimental.

  • Small student-to- faculty ratio
  • Funding
  • Academic Excellence
  • Applied Experiences
  • The Duluth Community

Acquired Skills

  • Students will demonstrate an advanced level of knowledge of research, theory, and application of psychological science within their program specialization.
  • Students will evaluate different types of research
  • Students will design and conduct research
  • Students will demonstrate competence in communication skills
  • Students will contribute to the collegial environment of our program
  • Students will apply core disciplinary concepts, engage in scholarship, and demonstrate professional communication skills

Student Learning Outcomes

Career Possibilities

To find out what our recent graduates are doing, see the Career and Internship Services Report:  Follow-up of Majors

What you can do with this degree?

Visit our Current and Past Students page to learn more.

Admissions and Scholarships

To date, every student has received some form of assistance to fund their graduate education.

Faculty Highlights

Our faculty are engaged in research on a wide range of topics, from health and wellbeing to psychotherapy and trauma research. View our faculty research labs to learn more.


In addition to the general application instructions provided by the Graduate School, visit the Psychological Sciences MA program page for specific application instructions and deadlines related to the program. Also see the course requirements page in the sidebar above for additional information.

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