Art B.A.

Art B.A.

Program Type: Major
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Department: Art & Design

UMD's B.A. in Art provides a study in art that is coupled with another area of study, to reflect your professional and personal goals. We can show you how to reinvent and renew yourself over a creative lifetime, beginning with coursework that will challenge you and prepare you for careers limited only by your own imagination. 

UMD has something special! 

  • our deliberate merging of Art and Design in one department stimulates and provokes students as independent thinkers and creators who explore various media and methods
  • our distinguished faculty continue to create, exhibit, and publish research regularly, in addition to teaching and providing mentorship and career guidance
  • UMD Art and Design is accredited by NASAD, the National Association of Schools of Art and Design
  • UMD's fine arts area has two state-of-the-art lab spaces for use by students in conjunction with faculty research: the interdisciplinary Visual and Digital Imaging Lab (Viz Lab) and the Motion + Media Across Disciplines Lab (MMAD Lab), which offers students opportunities in 3D motion capture and high definition video production

closeup of student hands cutting paper triangles with an x-acto knife

Acquired Skills

A study of art develops: 

  • self awareness
  • cultural awareness
  • communication skills
  • creative problem solving
  • critical thinking
  • the practice of incorporating feedback to improve your work 

... Skills which are valuable in any field.